You have all the experience and qualifications to offer professional massage treatments. One problem preventing you from attracting clients is your website.
Here at Clinic Sites, we know how important it is to have a website and how quickly you probably want one to get the traffic and prospects converted to actual clients.

Benefits of Clinic Sites Services

Making the choice of working with the Clinic Sites team is a sound one. Especially when you consider that we have the expertise and experience to provide the website you need. Speak to us today to gain the benefits outlined below:
Easy Website Setup
All you need to do is buy your site, pick the right template that matches your massage services and Clinic Sites will do everything else.
Editing is Made Easy
We know how busy your day-to-day life is. That is why we have developed a system and website builder that makes editing quick and easy.
Technical Support Team Access
We believe in providing our clients with full support throughout the process of launching a new website. They are an extremely friendly and warm team well-versed in customer experience.

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What Your Investment Gets
For a reasonable and competitive $39 each month, you get all you need for a professional and effective massage therapist website:
  • Monthly contract site hosting
  • Security, including SSL certification
  • Access to our skilled and friendly tech support team
  • Platform development (our team will work with you closely, even after the launch, to develop any new features you would like)

How It All Works

The process involved with launching your massage therapist website can be outlined in three simple steps.
Step 1 – Choose a Suitable Look
Step 1 – Choose a Suitable Look
You get to decide on how your site will look.
Step 2 – Customize it All
Step 2 – Customize it All
Every element of your massage therapy website can be tailored to your practice, from the colors and fonts to the services, staff bios, and blog you want to use.
Step 3 – Website Launch
Step 3 – Website Launch
Once you have your website looking and acting the way you want, it is time to launch it. Don’t worry though, because even after it has been launched you can make changes and customizations as and when necessary.
You don't have to settle for a website you're not proud of.
You and your practice deserve a site that works; a site that you and your clients truly love.

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