Learn To Connect With The Head And Heart Of Your Ideal Patients

Watch this video to learn about the power of a clear message for your practice:

You have an opportunity to get really good at talking about your new thing and get people excited

Everyone is going to be curious about this new practice you are starting. Your whole life you’ll be asked: “What do you do?”

Here’s the framework for crafting a clear message:

  1. Know your Who’s goals
  2. Address their problem
  3. Cast a vision for the solution.
  4. Call them to action

To do that, you need to answer these five questions:

  1. What do they want in life?
  2. What is stopping them from getting it?
  3. What does a successful, happy life look like for your patients?
  4. Why should they trust you?
  5. What do they need to do to work with you?

Once you have those five questions down, you have everything you need for a clear message in all your marketing. You can use those answers to build out your pitch, website and social media. 

Here are two important messaging tools you’ll need to pick up along the way:

1. Your Tagline

If you could reduce your practice to one Tweet, what would it say?

Or what if your local paper gave you the headline for the day to introduce your practice. What would it say? You’ll also need it for a website, an email signature, a banner at an event, and you’ll need your Tweetable line…on Twitter. 

Here are some examples of a one-liner: 

  • Love your life, free from pain
  • Get back to being yourself again
  • Do the things you love again
  • Go from the sideline to the finish line

2. Your Pitch

You'll also need to get good at "pitching" your new practice. You do this at a networking event, community event, or when you're trying to win over your future in-laws about this life-changing practice you're opening. Here's the framework we use to do a great pitch:

  1. Start with the problem.
  2. State what do you do to solve it.
  3. Share the ideal outcome.
  4. Call them to action.

Now you have an audience and a way of communicating that is going to work when connecting with that audience. The reason we start here is because you need clarity on who you are reaching, why you’re reaching them and what you’re going to do for them.

It’s all part of building a brand for a group of people who are going to follow you because they love you. And they’re gong to love telling others about you. But we need to work on where they’re going to point other people to.

Next, we move on to some of the more tradition parts of building a brand. If you're ready for the next module, click here.


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