You've likely heard horror stories about clinics that have been sued because their website was not accessible to people with disabilities.

Failure to adapt exposes your clinic to legal risk due to non-compliance with the ADA, AODA, Section 508 and other anti-discrimination laws.

We know this can cause you anxiety just thinking about it. We have created a solution that will protect your company and your budget.

You've got enough to think about. ADA compliance shouldn't be one of them.

But the honest truth is that if your website does not have certain features in place, your clinic is vulnerable to litigation.

The good news is that we have got you covered. Every Clinic Site client has a base level of protection from current ADA standards. The challenge is that the federal regulations are unclear in regards to websites and each state can have it's own expectations as well. 

Plus, if you are an inclusive clinic that serves everyone in the public, it is the socially responsible thing to make the information on your website as easy as possible to access.

What's going on regarding accessibility laws today:


According to the WHO, there are approximately 1.3 billion people with disabilities globally.


The average legal fees to fight ADA litigation are $25,000


The vast majority of web designers are not compliance experts. Most websites are vulnerable to litigation.


Accessibility laws can be confusing to interpret and differ from country to country and sometimes from state to state.

Imagine how great it would feel to be able to sleep well each night knowing your site was completely protected.

The Clinic Sites Accessibility options provide you with peace of mind and your browsers with the tools they need to learn about your clinic.


Build Your Website With All The Requirements

We've got a list. We can make sure you're checking all the boxes.

Do The Right Thing

Your accessible website should reflect your invitation to help anyone in your community.

Stand Out In Your Community

You know most clinics in your area have no idea about this. Why not lead the way in your community by doing things right?

Become ADA Compliant

You'll have the peace of mind and satisfaction knowing you've got nothing to worry about.

Great News: All Clinic Sites Websites Are Already Compliant...BUT...

...there are levels of compliance that require your investment.

You know those little icons that you see at the site of some websites? Those little widgets give the site a new level of compliance. They ensure that your site is protected against litigation because they give the browser control of how to interact with the site. 

There are also other features that can be built into the website we can add for you. 

But remember that if you are already a Clinic Sites client, you are safe (for now) from compliance concerns. If you are not a Clinic Sites client and have done nothing to make sure your website is accessible, you could be at risk of litigation.


"The power of the Web is in its universality.

Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect."

- Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web

Without accessibility, you’re cutting your brand off from over a billion people living with disabilities.

Get your website done right and partner with Clinic Sites today.