How do we integrate Clinic Sites with our Jane account?

Due to our close partnership with the Jane team, when you sign up with Clinic Sites, we access the public information on your Jane booking  site. Our system imports your logo, location, hours, providers, and other important information for your website. We use that data to populate your website.

The Clinic Sites + Jane integration automatically checks and syncs your website based on changes that you make to your Jane account. We've taken away all that work of maintaining your website. 

How do I bring my site over if I already have a website?

There’s no way to migrate a site over to a new platform other than copying and pasting material from one site to another. 

Clinic Sites offers a Site Setup Service where we bring over the old site for you. The cost of this service is $490. You get a fresh, updated site that is synced up with your Jane account. When it’s time to “go live” with the new site, you need to access your domain and point the domain records to our server. We explain that here.

What website platform does Clinic Sites run on?

The Clinic Sites website platform has been custom built from scratch. Over the past ten years, we've seen over 800 businesses and organizations using our software, and giving us feedback. We believe there is no platform better to make a website.

Our clients love how they can make edits, create new landing pages, and add new content simply and quickly. We've added all kinds of features over the years that our clients have enjoyed.

That's the best part about having our own platform. When one website gets a new feature, everyone benefits as well. Our clients love their sites and they only get better.

Is Clinic Sites search engine optimization (SEO) friendly?

We work hard to make sure our sites are very Google-friendly. On top of making sure it is simple and quick to add keyword-rich content (because great content is always king), we have provided our clients with several tools they need to maximize their SEO:

  • Customizable Page Titles and Description for every page
  • Image Alt Tags on every image
  • Fast servers for quick loading
  • Premium site security
  • Mobile optimized
  • Quickly hook up your Google Analytics and Google Search Console in minutes

Honestly, the most important feature for getting the best in your SEO is to write amazing content that scratches the itch with your ideal customer. You'll love how easy it is to make changes, that you'll look forward to content creation. 

What do you do to improve SEO?

We know how important it is to rank well on Google.

We've made our sites Google-friendly. This means they are mobile optimized, fast-loading, and make creating excellent content simple and engaging.

We want to give clinic owners the opportunity to do their own SEO because we know how expensive it can be to hire someone to do it ($750-1000/mo). We've put together a series of articles about SEO on our Knowledge Base.

The alternative is to hire an SEO agency to do the SEO for you. There is nothing that an external agency has ever requested that our platform could not do (Image alt-tags, page titles/descriptions, etc).

How do I make changes on my site?

Feeling like you "own" the content on your site is critical for keeping your site updated and content fresh. We give you and your team individual accounts with varying levels of editing capabilities. Once you login, you will be able to edit text, change images, adjust colors, add new blocks, blogs, and even create entire pages.

We have a Knowledge Base that gives you all the information you need to customize and adjust your site all you want. 

Visit The Knowledge Base

What do I do if I have problems with my site or need help?

As part of our monthly hosting fee, all of our clients have access to our customer support team by emailing  Our customer support email is accessible for the entirety of your partnership with us. From here we provide lightning-quick tech support and answer any questions you may have regarding your site.

We also have a growing Knowledge Base to equip our clients to get the resources they need to build the best possible site.

Will This Service Affect My Emails?

If the transition is done right between your old site and your new site, your emails should not be affected. We don’t provide email support as a part of our website service.

Emails are handled through your domain and another provider such as GSuite, Outlook, or Telus.

What's Included in the Monthly Website Hosting & Support Fee?

From day one, we've understood that clinics are looking to keep costs down and it's been our goal to keep things affordable. 

Here’s what we include in website subscription:

1. Unlimited Technical Support

We like to think of ourselves as your remote staff, always a phone call or email away. Never again do you need to find yourself struggling with your website. You can rest easy knowing that we’re here to help and that no problem is too big or small.

2. Ongoing Website Maintenance

Much like a car, websites require regular care and maintenance in order to continue running efficiently. We include that maintenance in our service and the monthly support fee is the only website invoice you’ll ever receive from us. For the duration of your website, we’ll repair and improve your website features at no additional cost to you.

3. Website Hosting

Most hosting providers will limit the space your website can take up on the server. Knowing the requirements of a typical website, we have included all the space your website will require and are ready to handle any reasonable amount of images, files, and pages that your website needs. 

4. Regular Website Improvements

To us, this is the biggest difference we can make.

We wanted to end the cycle of turning over your website every five to ten years. We built our platform in a way that would allow your website to grow and improve on a daily basis. Essentially, five years from the day you launch your website, it will have received five years of advancements and will be as modern, timely, and functional as it was on day one.

At the end of the day, we’re just excited to be able to provide clinics with peace of mind when it comes to their website. 

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