Here's Where To Start Building Out Marketing Collateral That Works

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This module is all about creating a winning website.
We're giving you the framework and tools you need to build a website that looks great and stands out.


This is a page of resources to make sure you get the best start possible.

Checklist for your home page:

  • Start with your headline - make it aspirational
  • Add a subheadline - include your service in the city you’re located (think SEO!)
  • Include your call to action - use a big clear button
  • Place images of patient success everywhere - what are they doing after a successful outcome?
  • Talk about the problem you solve - this get’s their attention when you identify their pain
  • List some benefits you offer in icons
  • Add a patient-centered description of your practice - paste your pitch here
  • Introduce yourself - use a nice headshot or action shot
  • Add authority symbols - logos of leagues, CE credit, ACA etc.
  • Testimonials or transformation - use a link to your growing Google reviews if possible
  • End with an aspiration again
  • Include one more call to action button
  • Add a Junk drawer at the end to catch everything else - ie. map, contact info, sitemap etc.

Once you have the home page done, you can build out the rest of the site as you go. Have a page that talks about your services (try to make it as long as possible for Google sake). Also build out your Conditions pages that help people understand what their problem is and how you help them. End each page with a call to action to book with you.

Note that even if your practice is not open yet, you can still work on this. You can slowly build out your messaging and your content when you have time. You can tweak and tweak and tweak until you’ve got something you’re proud of, that you know will work and then you’re ready to launch.

Buy A Domain

Don’t overthink this one either. Make it as short as possible. Best results over the long term are if you just include your You can have “Chiropractor” in it but if you grow to be multi-disciplinary you’ll regret that. You can have your city or town name on it too. If you grow or move to another area, you'll regret that too. This is why we recommend the aspirational practice names. They tend to work for the life of your practice. But you can decide what you need and of course, you can always change your domain too.

One final thing that’s not mandatory but adds a ton of professionalism. Link your email to your domain. It’s only a few dollars more per month to not have a address and it makes you look so much more professional. Just that email trick alone will catapult you light years ahead of your colleagues who are still saving every penny with their free Gmail address.

We know websites and marketing are not your thing. But it’s a life skill to at least know a little. Make sure you have someone you trust helping you with some of the technical parts of building and launching a website.

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