"ClinicSites is a brilliant and affordable tool.

We already used the Jane.app EMR and our transition to this website builder was seamless.

In less than 2 days we had a fully operational website for our eye care clinic.

- Dylan Trepanier, Direct Visual Eye Care

"I had a five-year-old site that desperately needed updating.

I pulled the trigger and signed up after seeing how clinic sites integrated with my Physiotherapy booking software (the Jane app).

Customer service is amazing and the team helped me get things up and running (I selected the import service where they basically set it up for you). Any issues that I have had since then have been resolved with their customer service team's help. So what are you waiting for??!!"

-Eric Wood-Salomon, Rebuild Physiotherapy & Fitness 

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"I signed with Clinic Sites after a JaneApp webinar that discussed the seamless integration.

It was as promised!

Once I integrated Jane with the Clinic Site, I spent some time setting up the site on my own (I like to have the control). I am in no way a webmaster, but the setup was really easy, and when I got stuck the support was great!

I would highly recommend using Clinic Sites, it's a great value for a professional-looking site. I used to pay almost 10x the amount a month and it didn't look half as good."


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"We had a great experience with Clinic Sites.

We loved that they integrated with the JaneApp program we were already using.

At first we went with the option of designing the website ourselves, however, after some time, we realized we were a bit in over our heads.

The team at Clinic Sites were able to step in and finish up our website while taking the time to review it with us and ensure it was exactly what we wanted. All in all, the process only took a few weeks and their instructions to make the website go live were very easy to follow! Would highly recommend Clinic Sites."

- Chassity White, Urban Massage Therapy

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"Switching to Clinic Sites was absolutely the right thing to do.

If you have not taken advantage of this opportunity, what are you waiting on?

I am so happy with the results. I was using another company and it was awful. The page was hard to navigate and sucked overall.
Jon and his team had it set to go and we were live in a day. The hookup with Jane is awesome.
The patients and staff love it and patients are now booking online. I signed up for the Chiro Up addition as well. Clinic Sites has a great product. The service is even better. I ran into a couple of issues due to my messing with it.
Jon and his team fixed those issues and actually improved the idea. I cannot recommend them highly enough. So if you have not looked at it, you need to." 
- Dr. Paul Britt, Facebook Post

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"So happy we switched to Clinic sites!

We now have complete control over our site.

We can update our site and it be done that min, not have to wait or go through someone to make the changes and not love what they have come up with. If you have a question, they have always responded to us either by email or a phone call!

Building a site is so easy through Clinic Sites. So happy with our move to Clinic Sites!!!

- Melissa, Attridge Chiropractic & Wellness

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"I am the owner of a busy clinic that uses JaneApp software.

With little time to spend updating websites I made the switch to Clinic Sites.

They were informative, knowledgeable, and efficient in guiding me through my transition. This easy to use, compatibility website saves me many sleepless night worrying an aspect of my business that is clearly not a part of my wheelhouse.

It's freeing up my time and energy to do what I am good at. 👍🏻👍🏻"

- Carlie Winstanley, Central Vernon Massage Therapy

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I really enjoyed the overall experience in creating my new site with Clinic Sites.

It felt overall straightforward and easy to do.

I’m pleased with the current final result. I say current because there’s going to be things here and there I want to change and adapt, but I feel like I know how to do just about everything with the platform now so it should be simple. Any hitches along the way were easy enough to address thanks to the support team.

Great experience. Would do it again.

- Dr. Andrew Kubosumi, Dr. Kubo Chiropractic & Health

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I had a moment a few months ago. I needed a website that integrates with my Jane page

I needed a company that answers my emails and questions the same day, a place the explains things to me in a language that I understand.

I needed a format that is easy and actually can be fun for me use. I saw a presentation from Jon on the Jane Allied Conference and my wish came true. The service is unreal, I love what my website looks like, and it was generally easy to use, the DIY videos were so helpful.

When push comes to shove, the support staff step in and help you with so much warmth, encouragement and best of all....no judgement that you have no idea what all the web language means. They went above and beyond for me, thanks team!

- Brooke Mandseth, Grounded Therapy

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"I needed to revamp my website, but I didn't want to fall prey to some website management company that costs an arm and a leg,

I found out about Clinic Sites and how it integrated with Jane App (our practice management software),

I was sold, especially when I saw how easy it was to update my site compared to the slow Wordpress website I built 6.5 years ago.

I couldn't be happier with this company, and I refer everyone I can to it. Thank you, Clinic Sites!"

- Bobby Mozafari, Integrated SSR

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