Do You Have A Clear Picture Of Your Ideal Patient?

Watch this video to get the clarity you need to start on the right foundation:

There’s over 7 billion people. Are you going to try to reach them all?

What if you could only treat .0001% of the population. Would you be happy with 10,000 patients?

Sure you would. To do this, you’ll need to get specific then on the people you can help the best.

You want patients that love you and love telling others about you. Who could you fill your schedule with and you would be motivated to help and will always fascinate you? They may be a group that you are already connected to.

You may already have authority with that group because you’ve been one of them and had success yourself. You might need a few years to figure this out. That’s ok. But you likely have some ideas already of who you can serve best. The more clear you get, the more specific you can get in your marketing ie. golfers, athletes, personal injury, young moms etc.

In this module, we are asking four questions to help you choose your WHO today:

  1. Who do you understand the most? You know their pain points. You have compassion on their struggles. You know their language. You know their motivation. 
  2. With whom have you had the most success? There’s something about this group that you’ve already seen amazing outcomes. They rave about how much you’ve helped them and you know that you could do it again and again. 
  3. Who could you treat all day and still be excited? You need to love your job. You need to love your patients if you’re going to build a great career in this profession. Marriage is difficult. But it’s a lot more manageable when you love the person you are married to. It’s the same with patients. Patients are going to be difficult at times, but it’s a lot easier if you love them and still get excited when they book with you. 
  4. Who is willing to pay for what you do? You need to choose a demographic that can pay you (or their insurance company can pay you. Chiropractic is great but it’s not when you’re only volunteering to do it.

Be encouraged, you don’t have to have it all figured out today. But you do need to start somewhere. So take your best answers, that passes all four criteria and move on to crafting a clear message to connect with them.

That's where we go for our next module. Before moving on, here are some more resources we think could help you.

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It's Time To Put The Message Together To Get People Excited About Being You Patient

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