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Essential #1: Determine And Connect With Your Ideal Client

Who are the people you love working with? For whom do you get the best results? Who do you light up when you see they've booked an appointment?
If you're starting to see a theme, you are close to determining your ideal client. 

Here are some resources to help you get clarity on who you should be targeting and how to create the right message to create the connection you need with them.

  • Now Start With Who - Jon Morrison. It's a book for anyone who needs to revive their passion for serving humanity and the importance of choosing the right people on whom to focus your service. You can find it on Amazon or get it for free by emailing
  • REDEEM YOUR FREE GIFT: Click this hidden link to take the Start With Who Success Path, the material you need to get clear on the Who's and How's of your ideal patient.
  • Building A StoryBrand - Donald Miller. A NYT Bestselling book and essential reading for anyone who wants to leverage the power of story to get their marketing working. We use this framework in all our custom site builds. You can pick up your copy by clicking here.
  • Not sure how to move forward with your ideal client? Book a private BrandScript coaching session with Jon. In one hour we will work through how you can target and reach your ideal client. Click here to book a session.

Essential #2: Become An Authority

Your site needs to show that you are a problem solver. In our broken world, people have a lot of problems. They want to know that you can solve some of them for them. Your website should reveal your expertise, that you can be trusted with their time, energy, and resources to help them. 

We know you don't have a ton of time on your hands to be writing all day. You're already busy enough treating patients, running a business and trying to have a life outside of work.

We are here to help you get outstanding content for your site. Here are some resources that will help you get great content on your website.

  • Are you a chiropractor? We have a great relationship with ChiroUp, a fantastic resource for chiropractors who need some tools to help them thrive. One of the tools that ChiroUp provides is a monthly newsletter. We take that newsletter and turn it into a great blog (and even social media posts). You can learn more here.
  • Do you want some content that will encourage your clients to live a healthy, active life. We have over 25 clients from a variety of disciplines who are currently enjoying the monthly content that we offer them on their website. Check out Valley Rehab Physical Therapy or Omni Clinic's website for the type of blogs we can provide for you starting as early as next week. We will update your blog AND provide conditions pages for your site. The cost for this service is $250/mo.
  • You can also take advantage of hiring a freelancer with services like Fiverr, Upwork, or one of our favourites, ContentFly.


Have you ever considered building an online course to boost your authority?

Here are some more resources to guide your thinking.

Essential #3: Make Your Site Easy To Manage

If you're going to love your site, it needs to be simple and easy to make changes. You've got to feel a sense of ownership or else it is slowly going to collect dust, become outdated and ineffective.

We are unashamedly the simplest website platform to manage an outstanding website.

If you're a clinic owner and a Jane client, you're in for a treat. Now so much of your information can by synced up saving you time and making your life easier. 

If you want to learn more about this special integration, click here to learn more. Not convinced? No problem. We have a no-obligation, seven day trial for you to try out our software and see what you think. We also have a powerful Knowledge Base (click here to see it) and human technical support that is there when you need some help. 

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Essential #4: Turn Your Site Into A Revenue-Generating Machine

Make your site an investment, not a liability.

There is so much potential to generate revenue on your website. 

We know bookings are always the most important thing. So make sure you have big, beautiful "Book An Appointment" buttons all over your website. Your call to action is so important for converting browsers into new patients. Are you unsure if you're doing it right? You can book a coaching call with Jon to discuss how to optimize your website for clicks. 

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Are you interested in starting an ecommerce store in your practice?

Sometime in 2021, we will be announcing a new partnership that will open up a new revenue stream through your website.

Imagine a patient being able to order product through your website and getting the purchase shipped right to their house without you having to anything! You just collect your part of the deal. Sound interesting?

It's too early to announce but if you want to get on the waiting list, sign up here. 

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Why Not Turn Your Website Into A Revenue-Generating Machine?

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Essential #5: Have Someone You Trust Looking After Your Website

We all know having a great online presence is important these days. But what if you know you just don't have the time to manage it all. 
The Clinic Sites team totally gets it. For too long we listened to clinic owners lamenting how they knew what they needed to do, they just never got around to it. The ones who did end up working late nights (when they could've been hanging out with their spouse) or working weekends (same). 

That's why we now offer the Premium Website Management Service.

For just $150 per month we will:

  • Update your site with a fresh blog and other content
  • Provide regular upgrades to improve your site's design
  • Give you monthly reports on how your site is performing
  • Improve your SEO with small, incremental changes

For an additional $100/mo we will post content to three of your favourite social media channels. 

If you're tired of carrying around the guilt that you're not doing enough AND you don't want to hire a staff member to do it, this is the ideal option for you.

You may have questions about this service so why not jump on a call with Jon and discuss how this service could work for you and your clinic's needs.

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Thanks for taking in the session. We are passionate about empowering great people just like you.

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