For example, if you wanted to appear for "Chiropractor In Abbotsford, BC" then you need to make a page that says those words. You need to talk about your chiropractic company, write news with updates on it, and add upcoming events associated with it.

The idea with Google ranking is that they want to provide the most useful possible content to the person searching. In order to rank high in a Google search, you need to create a website so that Google determines there is no better website on the internet that they would rather take the searcher to.

What Is SEO?

SEO is the process of optimizing your web pages so that they rank higher on search engines. This blog post will discuss SEO for beginners and how to get started with SEO!

If you want to have a successful site, you'll need to make sure your site gets updated often.

Search engines are the best way to get your website noticed. You may already know some of them: Google, Bing and Yahoo all generate plenty of visitors for your site in different ways!

Do I Need SEO?

SEO is the key to success when it comes to how many people find your website. A properly done SEO can give you thousands of viewers, while some wrong moves could remove all traffic from top search engine result pages and leave with almost zero visitors for weeks at a time - leaving an opening that competitors see first!

Some Quick Tips

  • Updating the content with new information on a weekly basis. Fresh content will help the site rank better with Google.
  • Using the website address in all materials (ie. emails, newsletter, posters, etc.) to encourage people to visit the website for more information. More visitors to the website increase your Google ranking.
  • Creating a Facebook Page for your practice has been one of the most successful tools for practices to drive traffic to their website. Encouraging members and staff to post weekly updates on Facebook will help drive members and visitors back to the website. Again, more visitors to the website will help increase your Google ranking.