Are you feeling like your marketing is stuck and you'd like to try something new?

We'd love to have you join a discussion about an exciting opportunity we are offering with Done-For-You Chiropractic courses. We are launching this offer for chiropractors who want to build their authority, attract new patients, and even open up a source of revenue.

Jon Morrison and Dr. Kevin Christie discuss with podcast host, Josh Satterlee what works well, what isn’t worth investing time into, and where chiropractors should be focusing their energy right now.

Here's what Dr. Kevin says,

I really had a desire for my website to have a strong way of capturing people in there, and I didn’t want to just get their email and not give them anything of high value. So, we thought of online courses, and we did that.” -Kevin Christie

Topics Covered Include

  • Why Kevin emphasizes modern in “Modern Chiropractic Marketing”
  • Marketing methods that have been retired in the past few years
  • The social media platforms that make sense for chiropractors now
  • Why content marketing should be the bedrock of all marketing
  • The amount Kevin invests monthly in Google and Facebook ads
  • Where Jon has seen the best response for marketing in the chiropractic space
  • The tool Kevin uses to help his clients create a clear message
  • The benefit of using courses to market your practice
  • The three courses that Kevin launched on his website
  • The platform options available for launching courses
  • Why a course is a great addition to chiropractic care

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