Not Sure What To Put On Your Home Page?

This video tutorial helps you with the words, images, and flow to attract more patients.

Your home page is the first impression you can make with a prospective client or patient.

It's the new front door to your practice. Before anyone visits your location, you can be sure they are going to visit your website first.

Too many great clinics are not making that critical positive impression to win over website visitors. 

Here's our recommendation on how to build out a home page so that it tells a powerful story using what we know about human psychology and best practices.

Your home page needs at least the following:

  • Clear headline about what you do
  • Subheadline that describes your service and location (for SEO purposes)
  • Image of happy people enjoying the fruit of your work
  • Clear call to Action
  • Statement of the problem you solve
  • Three icons that represent the benefits of your service
  • Explanatory paragraph introducing you and your clinic
  • Engaging "Before and After" testimonials
  • Warning about the consequences of not taking your call to action
  • The vision of a better future should the browser start working with you 

There's so much potential impact for your home page.

We want the right people to find you and take that call to action so you can help them. Implement these principles and you'll make the connections you and your clinic deserve.

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