We live in a digital world where SEO is everything. One wrong move and your rankings can plummet. If you are not an expert, it's best to stay away from these 3 common mistakes!

Mistake #1: Not Having a Keyword Plan

It is important to know your audience and take action from that knowledge. If you know something, then do it. Some organizations don't have a strategy for this. You need to build an SEO strategy and roadmap if you want to succeed in the future.

Mistake #2: Creating the Wrong Content

When you create content for a site, you want to make sure it is on topic. If your content is not about a consistent topic, then you won't rank well for that keyword. 

This often happens when people try to fit too many topics into one piece of work, or when people just write low-quality content just to include keywords. You should avoid this mistake by focusing on only one topic and making sure it is good quality work.

Mistake #3: Not Using External Links

To get the best from SEO, you need to include links in your content. Links help people find your website. But links are more important for some websites than others. You should link to websites with a good reputation and a lot of traffic, not just any site. 

And if someone has linked to you, then it is good to link back at them because it makes more traffic for both of you in the future.

Another thing that can be bad is using anchor text that does not describe what the link is about because this wastes opportunities for people to see your page or website when they search for that word or phrase. Using "click here" instead of "check out the new iPhone" won't help you.


Making a great marketing plan is tough. The internet has so much content and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive landscape. But when you have a good SEO strategy, there’s nothing that will stop your website from ranking higher on search engines or being shared more often on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.