We love a good success story. We'd like to share with you Sandra's.

Sandra is bright, gifted, and runs a successful practice as a registered dietician in Markham, Ontario. Sandra didn't think that "designing a website was a part of her skillset. Once she tried to build a new website on the Clinic Sites platform, she discovered a new passion for growing her online presence.

The following is Sandra's story from knowing her website needed work to having something she built that she was truly proud of. We love this story and wanted to share it with you. Sandra writes: 

"After attending the Jane app virtual community conference session "How to make the most of your website" presented by Jon Morrison - I decided it was time to update my website.

Jon had some great ideas and I loved the fact that Clinic Sites was integrated with Jane app. My current website was outdated.  I couldn't do updates myself, it wasn't secure (which I found out will affect SEO) , and I was continually getting emails from SEO optimizers offering to do upgrades to increase my optimization. Plus I was finding that I was getting fewer referrals from my website.

I contacted Jon at Clinic Sites to get the process started. I already knew that the idea of creating my own website was appealing - it now seemed like it might be possible.

A few days later - I got a site framework. Jon provided me with some options. Since I didn't just want my old site brought over to the new site - I decided to give myself a week to see if I could build my own site.

Well - if I can do it - anyone can! I actually had fun doing it. I worked on a block at a time, and when I got stuck, sent over an email to Jon for help.  I worked on the wording first - and then added in the images later. I viewed the help videos and found the knowledge base especially helpful. I found some free images I could use, and purchased a few others I could use in the future.

I love the fact that I can do updates - when I want to. I've started a blog too - which I didn't have before. I also know that the Clinic Sites team are there when I need them when I get stuck or something doesn't work quite right.  He is responsive and always willing to help.

I am now proud of my website and know that these new initiatives will help my business grow too. I would highly recommend Clinic Sites to any Jane app user who needs a fresh easy-to-manage site. “

-Sandra Edwards, Registered Dietician, Markham Ontario

We love stories like this and we look forward to receiving more.

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