Too many clinics are missing opportunities to get new patients to book because their site doesn't compel to action. We have a framework that can transform an underperforming website into a winning one.
In April 2020, Jon Morrison delivered a talk at the Allied Virtual Conference hosted by our friends at Jane App. Jon's talk inspired attendees to take another look at their website so that they could improve their online presence.

Here are some of the main points that were covered:

Winning Websites are:
1. Beautifully branded design (font, colors, layout)
2. A clear message (the words are simple and compelling)
3. SEO best practices
4. Easy to edit and update
Action Items:
1. Audit your own website with fresh eyes
2. Understand what needs to change
3. Focus your time on using tools that work.
4. Sign up for a Clinic Sites website.


Watch The Talk Here

How To Make The Most Of Your Website